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At MIDA MEDIA we use iGUIDE®. iGUIDE® is a listing platform for real estate professionals to share the information buyers are looking for when searching for a home. With iGUIDE® virtual home tours, buyers don’t just see a home, they see themselves living there.


Our 3D virtual home tours open listings to a limitless number of buyers from anywhere in the world. iGUIDE® lets you experience the property down to the smallest detail, with the clarity of stepping through the front door.


What's Included in Your iGUIDE®Service

iGUIDE® Floor Plans

We know the importance of superior-quality floor plans and the value they have on your listing. Every iGUIDE ® comes with floor plans in both online and printable formats to drive engagement.

In today’s competitive market, we know you need to continually stand out from the rest; and showcasing professional, interactive, and detailed floor plans can make all the difference. Choose between Standard and Premium


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Standard provides the information you need to get a thorough understanding of the floor plan layout


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Premium includes even more details such as appliances and fixtures. This allows you to really get to know the space in a more intimate way. Also includes Advanced Measurements, give viewers the ability to make measurements on the floor plan or in an image on the iGUIDE® 3D tour.

Professional Photos

Computer Mockup M 2.png

Every iGUIDE® comes with 25 professional wide angle HDR hi-res images.

Additional photos can be purchased at $5/photo.

MLS compliant sized images (low-res) are available for download as well as the hi-res images.

iGUIDE® embeds the photos into a gallery, as seen below.

Delivery time is 24 Hrs

property 3d tours

Neighborhood information

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Location, Location, Location.


Buyers see the property’s location on a map. The nearest shops, schools and roads are shown.

Floor Area Calculations

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Public floor area calculations can be misleading. Public data is, on average, off by 13.6% or 231.8 square feet.*

Our laser technology and professional drafters are 99.6% accurate.

Verify your data. Buyers and sellers demand it.

Interactive Room Measurements

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How big is the fireplace? Will our sofa and other furniture fit in the living room?

These are some common questions going through a buyer’s mind.

Let buyers measure any point on the floor plan. All they have to do is click the ruler button. Simply click on any point of the floor plan in the iGUIDE® viewer and drag.


Premium iGUIDE®  allow advanced measurements within the 3D Tour as well. Advanced measurements allow viewers to take measurements on the floor plan and in the tour photo.

Branding & agent information

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Continue to build your brand.

Have your branding appear on the iGUIDE® interface, Printable Floor Plans & iGUIDE® Analytics.

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