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The Simple, 3-Step Process for Optimizing Your Online Real Estate Listing

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Your online real estate listing should attract buyers, be easily shared and provide results to the seller. With competition heating up and sellers scrambling to get their properties sold you can win listings by implementing a solid marketing plan. What is the first thing every real estate agent advises the seller? Get the property ready for real estate photos, advanced measurements and 3D virtual tours. The next thing is to use great marketing tools like floor plans and teaser reels that you can share on social media. Then show the seller what a great job you are doing by sharing solid analytics. Think of it as a 3-step method to stage, share and show every residential listing.


The reason you stage a property is to enhance its attractiveness to potential buyers. Every house can benefit from the use of staging regardless of the age or esthetic of the structure. Vacant properties often seem void of that personal touch, but when tweaked up with a few online real estate listing photos with the help of tech tools like floorplanner, suddenly the property comes alive. Staging can often require a somewhat delicate conversation with the seller. Asking someone to remove their prized possessions and family portraits from the walls should always be part of the staging process. Real estate photography captures the essence of a home through photos, floor plans and 3D virtual tours so be sure to have clutter removed before the day of the shoot. The goal is to make sure each room in the home invites further intrigue thus driving engagement with homebuyers while showing the seller how well their property is being presented. The seller needs to know you are doing everything you can to get their house sold.


TMI (too much information) is never a bad thing when it comes to marketing your online real estate listing. The more information you can provide to potential buyers, the better. The majority of homebuyers are using online resources to find their new home. According to NAR, 95% of buyers in 2022 use the internet in the search process. What does that mean to you as a real estate agent? Sharing a property’s particulars through every possible channel keeps your listings competitive. The details you share should be easily understood, captivating, and comprehensive. For instance, floor plans help viewers get comfortable with the fit and flow of the home while the use of tag tools provides a better understanding of each specific zone. Where you choose to share your online listing is up to you. Social media shares on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook keep you connected to your targeted audience. Sharing is also a great way to build your brand. Turn those shares into likes as you get recognized as the go-to real estate agent who offers the seller a reason to choose you over and over again.


Once you have completed the first 2 steps in the marketing process you will want to show your seller some results. Companies like iGUIDE offer analytics so you can see your marketing efforts on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Analytics benefit you by providing a comprehensive tally of everyone who views your 3D virtual tours, photos, and listing details. The data available indicates when viewers have accessed your online real estate listing via your website,, or other linked sources. You will be able to determine the number of new visitors versus the number of returning visitors to the site. What does this mean for your seller? Analytics show your marketing efforts in a clear format. You can discuss how you plan to keep the seller’s listing in front of the targeted market by using pre-populated and pre-designed posts right from the analytics page. When the property sells, you can remove the contents of the online listing from the web access. Show your seller what you are doing for them by sharing timely reports generated from the analytics. A happy seller receives up-to-date information regularly. No one likes to be sitting around waiting to know how the marketing of their property is progressing. Communicating with data-driven analytics keeps everyone in the loop.

The 3-step system to optimize your online real estate listing is easy with S, S, S. Stage to get the property ready to list, share information relevant to potential buyers and show results to happy sellers. Whether or not the economists declare the market bullish or bearish, iGUIDE has everything you need to keep your real estate marketing on track.

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