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Build your real estate brand

Updated: Dec 22, 2022


The Real Estate Market is hot right now with year-over-year sales setting records, but what do you do when there is a downward shift in sales? How do you stay at the forefront of the consumer’s mind? Covid-19 has made Real Estate sales across the nation jump to highs not seen in years. Low-interest rates paired with stay-at-home orders are pushing the demand for single-family houses. With supplies dwindling, home buyers are grabbing up new residences quickly. But there will be an adjustment coming to normalize the markets and you need to be prepared in advance by Building Your Real Estate Brand before the bubble pops.

More Than a Business Card

Now is the time for you to start building real estate your brand and provide the best consumer experience regardless of the sales statistics. Your brand is not just the logo of your brokerage affixed to your business card and credentials. It’s you, your services, your knowledge, and the value you bring. It is your connection to the consumer in the market you work in.

Don’t Be 1 and Done

Homes sell in all economic situations. In a bull market when buyers are competing for properties it’s easy to jump on board that train and grab a listing or two that will sell within a matter of days (or hours). But you don’t want to be in the category of “1 and done” or “2 and through”. What happens when your list of friends and family customers runs out? You need more clients and you need them often. How do you get the leads and referrals to continue growing your business? You need real estate marketing.

Show Value

Show the consumer value by offering a consistent method of real estate marketing for all your listed properties to help buyers make quick informed decisions. One of the best marketing tools for Building Your Real Estate Brand you can use is an all-in-one package of photos, 3D Virtual Tours, and advanced floor plans with accurate measurements. Show the seller a proven way to attract more interest in their properties backed by proven results. Tangible numbers both from statistics and positive reviews will help your brand stand out even in a bear market.

Think Like the Consumer

Think past the current real estate hype and consider the long term when it comes to buyers and sellers. If you want to stay in business you have to find a way to offer the most value to the consumer. Think like a home buyer or seller: what is it that you want out of a real estate agent? You want accurate information, and ease of the process both selling and buying. As a seller, you want to get the best dollar for your home and as a buyer, you want the best value for the purchase price.

Trust and Understanding

Marketing concepts range from old-school advertising to bombarding social media with memes (think Bernie Sanders in a recent article), 3D videos, and eye-catching real estate photography. But there is more to it than that when building Your Real Estate Brand. Create a marketing plan that offers value to the consumer. Show the seller you are presenting every square foot of their home with the ability to share it all via the MLS platform, directly through email or text messaging, or your social media channels.

The buyer’s journey does not begin and end with writing an offer and taking possession of a home. It begins with understanding the process before the aesthetics and the purchase price. It begins with trusting you. When consumers understand the living space, you have given them one of the most valuable tools possible: the knowledge they can trust delivered in a format they can use to map out the living space of a possible new home. Elevate your brand and foster trust by introducing easily navigated floor plans to help the buyer understand the fit and flow of a property. Focus on building Your Real Estate Brand to capture new leads and keep the proverbial ball rolling long after the market has softened. Staying in the game for the long run requires building your brand like building a home, start with a good foundation, measure the results, and reap the rewards.


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