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The real reasons you should be using a professional Real Estate Photographer

OK, so here you go again. You’ve been referred by an acquaintance to give a listing presentation for someone who is considering putting their home on the market. You gather up the sales comparisons for the subject property and head out to meet the seller. Simple. But when you reach the home, the owner starts to quiz you about how you will market their property to get it sold quickly. Sales comparisons are not enough to convince them to give you the listing. You stumble to explain that homes are selling fast so the sooner they get their property on the market the sooner they can get it sold. Rolling through your head is “why hire a real estate photographer” and suddenly the answer comes to you.

You explain that part of your professional services includes the use of high-quality images, virtual tours, immersive floor plans, and social media advertising. Pulling out your laptop, you show examples of your current listings and highlight the analytics so they can see how you track each property. The seller is impressed and you win the listing presentation. That’s a whole lot to unpack in a short period. If you are missing a few of these must-have services, here are some reasons you should be using a professional real estate photographer for all your transactions

Scarcity of listings means you need to present well

According to CREA buyers will experience record levels of listing shortages in 2022. What does that mean for you as a real estate agent? It means competition will be fierce not only to win listings, but inventory for your homebuyers will be tight. The question of why hire a real estate photographer keeps popping back up. Remember, real estate photographers have all the services you need to win your listing presentations. Showcase your talents as an agent by proving you are worth your commission. The seller wants to know you are working for them. When you use accurate floor plans, 3D tours, and professional photography for every listing the seller can see how you will market their property. Good presentation attracts buyers willing to pay top dollar, especially in a high-demand market.

Getting the edge over the competition

Multiple offers ensue when you start with an outstanding presentation. Have you ever seen a listing with photos that look like they came directly from a ten-year-old phone? You know the ones, a little dark, a little narrow, and a lot blurry. Is this how you want to present a property? If you want to get an edge over your fellow agents, Inman would agree you need to employ the services of a professional real estate photographer. Good photos attract the right kind of attention. They also pair well with other services your photographer offers. While photos grab the eye of a web-browsing consumer, the way to keep their attention is by using proptech tools like 3D tours and immersive floor plans. When the consumer engages with a property longer, they start to imagine it as their own.

Brand yourself as an expert

Use your skills as a Realtor and leverage the skills of other professionals to do what they do best. Think Ferrari – have you ever run across a major brand whose marketing photos were shot from a salespersons’ point and shoot? Professional photographs exemplify everything good about a product. When the product is real estate you know why you hire a real estate photographer. Your professional real estate photographer captures the essence of a home. They use high-tech cameras to produce enticing images, virtual tours and offer excellent ways to promote your brand. Share your expertise on your social media channels, website, and social ads all with the help of a professional photographer. Showing off your professionalism brands you as an expert and leads to more listings.

Time and money

Real estate transactions take time. From winning the listing presentation to marketing to closing a sale. What if you could save time with the listing preparation and save time by shortening up the condition period? A professional real estate photographer can help you gather accurate measurements, floor plans, and virtual tours using technology from leading companies like iGUIDE. Turnaround time is usually less than 24 hours. You’ll be able to upload high-quality photos to your MLS listing and start analyzing the number of views right away. When an offer is signed up, mortgage appraisers, family members, and insurance companies will appreciate being able to view the entire property without the need for an in-person visit. A quick “drive-by” assessment may be all that is needed to obtain financing and get conditions removes. When the buyers’ parents as co-signers, need to approve the purchase, they can virtually walk through the home even if they are thousands of miles away. You can eliminate long-drawn-out condition periods by using virtual tours, floor plans and professional photos. The benefit is a deal closed quicker and money in your pocket faster!

So why hire a real estate photographer if you can just grab some photos and measurements from your newly acquired smartphone app? New technology like 3D tours and accurate floor plans with precise measurements are in demand. Professional real estate photographers have these services and know how to use them. Stay up to date with the ever-changing landscape of real estate if you want to stay in the industry. Would you trust your Ferrari to a YouTube mechanic? Yeah, kind of like that. Keep real estate professional.

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